How to Achieve the Wine Country Luxury Aesthetic in Your Home

In the world of interior design, trends come and go, but true style withstands the test of time. As a Sonoma County native, the wine country luxury aesthetic is one such design style that has lasting allure. Combining rustic elegance with tasteful sophistication, this style brings the allure of nature right into your home.

If you want to achieve this aesthetic for your home, you’re in the right place! Let’s explore some of the essential elements of this style and how you can elevate your wine country home with impeccable taste.

Start with a Clear Vision

Before jumping into a complete home renovation, let’s take a moment to understand some of the primary elements of the wine country luxury aesthetic. This design style draws inspiration from picturesque vineyards and the high-end accompanying estates in wine country regions, like northern California’s very own Napa and Sonoma. It is characterized by a blend of elegant and rustic influences, natural materials, and an earthy color palette. It’s about creating spaces that exude comfort, warmth, and understated luxury, where you can unwind and appreciate the pleasures of the impressive landscape surrounding you. 

With these elements in mind, it will be easier to define a clear vision for your home. I highly recommend that you clearly define your goals, preferences, and the purpose of each space before you begin selecting materials and furnishings. This helps you to ensure that each design element is functional for your lifestyle, and that the final design is cohesive.

Keep it Natural

Once you have honed in on your goals for the project, it’s time to create and implement a design concept. You can’t go wrong with natural materials as a starting point when you’re looking to achieve the wine country luxury aesthetic!

Natural materials allow you to maintain a connection to nature and bring a taste of the wine country’s rugged beauty inside. You can incorporate materials, such as wood and stone, as an accent wall, or as a statement furniture piece. This waterfall console table is one of my favorites. Made of chamcha wood, it features rich color variation and a sleek profile that will make any space feel more sophisticated.

For the wine country luxury aesthetic, keep in mind that the focus is less about perfection and more about appreciating raw beauty. Don’t be afraid to embrace imperfections, like the organic glaze pattern on this earthenware vase or the worn effect of this ceramic lamp. They add texture, character, and a hint of rustic charm, which makes a space feel more cozy and inviting. 

You should also opt for a color palette dominated by earthy tones, such as brown, beige, and green. But as a lover of color myself, I will never tell you to shy away from pops of color either! Artwork and area rugs are great avenues to tastefully incorporate color into your space. This green area rug is a beautiful choice to introduce natural tones in a living room or bedroom, and this landscape art is a vibrant reflection of the wine country’s distinct terrain. 

Focus on Quality

Whether you are choosing natural decor or not, it’s important to invest in high-quality furnishings and materials that will withstand the test of time. This is never more true than when we are talking about developing a wine country luxury aesthetic.

As a professional who spends much of my workday curating furnishings for clients, I know just how challenging and time-consuming it can be to find quality pieces. I hope that I can make the hunt a little simpler by sharing some of my favorites! For the living room, I love this leather armchair. It is expertly crafted from solid ash wood, thick top grain leather, and feather blend cushions for the ultimate comfort. It pairs well with travertine cocktail tables and a wrought iron chandelier to create an elegant, upscale environment.

Optimize for Entertainment

Entertainment is also a major part of the wine country luxury lifestyle, and this is where your vision for the purpose of your spaces comes into play. Consider how guests will move around each room, and organize your furniture layout accordingly. 

You can create intimate gathering spots by arranging seating around a focal point, like a fireplace or wood-burning stove, and anchoring it with an area rug. Soft lighting creates a cozy ambiance, while special amenities and high-end finishes enhance the feel of exclusivity. For example, the gold finish on this bar cart adds an elegant touch for an evening of drinks and conversation with friends. You can use it to hold hand blown wine goblets as you serve up your favorite wines from Napa and Sonoma.

Don’t forget about outdoor spaces, too! After all, what is wine country without stunning views of vineyards dotting the landscape? There is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of outdoor entertainment here in northern California, where the weather is pleasant most of the time. This outdoor dining table is made of solid teak and seats 10 comfortably. It coordinates nicely with these teak dining chairs for a sunset dinner overlooking the vineyards.

Personalize with Unique Touches

While all of these elements will help you transform your home into a luxury retreat, remember that design is always better with a few personal touches. You can infuse your personality into your home by incorporating meaningful artifacts, heirlooms, or curated collections that reflect your interests and passions. 

Location-specific decor is a fun way to personalize your space, especially when you can include subtle nods to the wine country. Decorate your walls with vineyard-inspired artwork or photography, or showcase your wine collection with a stylish wine rack or wine cabinet

Ultimately, the wine country luxury aesthetic is all about creating a space that reflects your lifestyle and love for warmth, comfort, and refined elegance. Take a look at my curated collection of decor to find inspiration for your home.

If you’re still not sure how to achieve this aesthetic, I would love to share my design expertise with you and create a home inspired by the world beyond your windows. I can help you ensure that the charm of this timeless design style continues to captivate you for years to come, whether you’re sipping wine by the fireplace or gathering with loved ones for a cozy dinner. Contact me at or book a discovery call to begin your design journey today! 


Dana Feagles, Principal Interior Designer

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