Turn Your Home into a Wine Country Retreat: 10 Local Shops + Galleries

Do you want your home to feel like a wine country retreat? That is, easy sophistication, natural elements, indoor-outdoor flexibility, and a little bit of revelry with local flair?

I love supporting small artisans and businesses (here’s some proof). It’s even more satisfying if these small makers and sellers are local in wine country. Nothing brings more personality, warmth, and interest into your home than incorporating pieces with a history or a local story – a provenance, if you will. 

And that is one of the keys to turning your home into a Wine Country Retreat.

The Napa, Sonoma, and Marin area is filled with character. Not only should your home reflect your own personality and lifestyle, but our region’s character, as well. This is how we establish a sense of place. (A sense of place is the lens through which people experience and make meaning of their surroundings. This is something to which interior designers are very much attuned.) 

If you want your home to feel like a Wine Country Retreat, then establishing a sense of place is imperative.

From painters to textile makers to salvaged architectural elements, I’m certain you will find something within the shops on this list truly worth bringing into your home. 

So that you can turn your home into a Wine Country Retreat.

Let me know if you have any shops to add. As a professional interior designer, I am always on the hunt!

#1: Lori Austin Gallery, with locations at The Barlow in Sebastopol, the Healdsburg Plaza, and Montgomery Village in Santa Rosa

Wine Country Retreat home decor store lori austin gallery

Lori Austin Gallery is known for its stunning collection of modern fine art and jewelry. Lori Austin’s curated selection includes everything from contemporary abstract paintings to intriguing ceramics and sculptural art. A sophisticated curation, her galleries are a breath of fresh air in a saturated sea of “Live, Laugh, Love” home decor.

#2: RiverFront Art Gallery, Petaluma (A Wine Country Retreat Favorite)!

Wine Country Retreat home decor store riverfront art gallery petaluma

RiverFront Art Gallery is a must-visit destination for art lovers. The gallery features an impressive collection of paintings, sculpture, and photography from local artists. With a youthful edge and wide array of styles, I always have fun browsing their collections.

#3: The Passdoor, in Santa Rosa and the Sonoma Plaza

Wine Country Retreat home decor store passdoor santa rosa

Fodor’s Sonoma Travel Guide describes The Passdoor as “a cross between a design gallery and museum gift shop [with] high-quality artworks, glassware and ceramics; jewelry; and decorative home-decor items.” I love their clean and modern aesthetic. They have a unique selection of home decor items such as one-of-a-kind throws and vases.

#4: Ceto Home, Petaluma (A Wine Country Retreat Style Favorite!)

Wine Country Retreat home decor store ceto home

Ceto Home sells beautiful pillows that are hand printed in India, using intricately carved wooden blocks in a traditional stamping method. Their studio is committed to sustainability and inclusivity. Their experienced artisans are paid a living wage, have paid time off, and are provided private medical insurance. Before you buy another meaningless pillow from Target, consider Ceto Home for a pillow you can feel good about purchasing.

#5: Maison Smith, Healdsburg

Wine Country Retreat home decor store maison smith

Maison Smith is a beautifully curated home decor store that offers a mix of vintage and unique modern furniture. The store’s selection includes everything from upholstery to lighting to whimsical decorative objects and 17th century antiques. Although their flagship shop is in Santa Fe, they are a purveyor of the Wine Country aesthetic, so you’re sure to find something here that is perfectly matched for your space. 

#6: Artefact Design & Salvage, Sonoma (A Wine Country Retreat Style Favorite!)

Wine Country Retreat home decor store artefact sonoma

If you’ve seen the decorative sandblasted grape vines hanging in tasting rooms, restaurants, and homes, they probably came from Artefact Design & Salvage. They also carry custom tables, firepits, and intriguing objects all perfectly suited for a sophisticated and modern wine country aesthetic.

#7: Heritage Salvage, Petaluma (A Wine Country Retreat Style Favorite!)

Wine Country Retreat home decor store salvage home

Heritage Salvage is a warehouse-style store that specializes in reclaimed building materials, architectural elements, and custom-built woodwork and metalwork. A place like this is basically an art historian turned interior designer’s dream (that’s me!). From old columns and plaster ceiling medallions to reclaimed wood flooring, this is the place to find elements to give your home a storied personality, character, and lived-in charm.

#8: Tazi Designs, Sausalito

Wine Country Retreat home decor store tazi designs

Tazi Designs creates a unique collection of Moroccan-inspired lighting, furniture and decor. The store’s selection is all made in Morocco and includes intricate metalwork light fixtures, wood and metal furniture and architectural elements, and pillows and poufs. Tazi Designs is perfect for wine country homes, as Moroccan elements can be found throughout the Mediterranean, and our aesthetic here is rooted in the Mediterranean style.

#9: Sprig, San Rafael and Santa Rosa (A Wine Country Retreat Favorite!)

Wine Country Retreat home decor store sprig

Sprig offers a wide variety of sustainable and ethically-made products, including furniture, lighting, and home accessories. It is THE place to get houseplants. They truly embrace the California Modern lifestyle with a curated selection of home decor/accessories, indoor plants, candles, jewelry, bath/body and thoughtful gifts.

#10: Mecox, Napa

Wine Country Retreat home decor store mecox

I first learned of Mecox from its Los Angeles store back in 2013. Mecox was our go-to for vintage furniture finds in Southern California. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they opened a location in Napa in 2018 which caters to the wine country lifestyle.  They offer their Mecox Collection, a line of furniture encompassing rope, rattan, parchment (which is perhaps more suited to the Beachy Modern style), with other items inspired by the classic aesthetic of California Wine Country. They also carry an assortment of antique Asian furniture, mid-century seating, and French provincial-style case goods.

Wine Country Retreat Home Decor Stores

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve limited my list to those places that do not offer interior design services as their main business goal. That said, there are quite a few home-decor-shops-plus-interior designers throughout Marin, the Napa Valley and Sonoma County that deserve recognition. But we will save those for another blog post.

Also in 3 upcoming blog posts, I’m going to break it down by region. I will share my favorite interior designer-recommended shops in Marin, and then in the Napa Valley, and finally in Sonoma County. 

All perfect for creating your very own Wine Country Retreat.

There are quite a few more to add – stay tuned!

What do you think of the list? Have any more to add? Reach out to me, Dana, at dana@revelryinteriordesign.com or drop me a note here and spread the word!

Until next time!


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